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We are proud to provide quality dental treatment and an individual approach to each patient. Our main goal is for you to feel comfortable and satisfied when you visit our clinic.
Services and prices
Welcome to our modern dentistry clinic, where experience meets technology to exceed your expectations. The skill set that was acquired by our doctor during 17 years of practice allows us to provide exceptional care tailored to your individual needs.
Time flexibility
Modern technologies under one roof
All dental procedures under one roof

Most modern equipment

Vatech greenX CBCT

The latest and safest CT machine, which is our main assistant in diagnosis.

X-ray system Vatech Eray air

Airflow prophylaxis Master

The latest device for dental hygiene from the Swiss company EMS.

Meet our team

MUDr. Oleksandr Nemytkin

Dentist specializing in therapy and orthopedics

Vladyslav Semenchenko

Dental assistant and administrator. It is available to patients 24/7