Services and prices

We are proud to provide quality dental treatment and an individual approach to each patient. Our main goal is for you to feel comfortable and satisfied when you visit our clinic.

Restorative dentistry

Service Price
Injection anesthesia (Septanest) 20 EUR
Kofferdam 25 EUR
Optragate 25 EUR
Complete dental hygiene 80 EUR
Single-surface tooth filling (photocomposite) 70 EUR
Two-surface tooth filling (photocomposite) 80 EUR
Three-surface tooth filling (photocomposite) 90 EUR
Cement base 30 EUR
Direct tooth reconstruction 200 EUR
Temporary treatment of deep tooth decay 20 EUR
Temporary treatment of nerve canal 20 EUR
Temporary filling 20 EUR
Reconstruction of tooth crown – glass fibers post 150 EUR


Service Price
Endodontic treatment of a single-rooted tooth 120 EUR
Endodontic treatment of a multi-rooted tooth 120 EUR/canal
Calcipast 30 EUR/canal
Re-Endo 120 EUR/canal


Service Price
Extraction of a single-rooted tooth 70 EUR
Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth 90 EUR
Extraction of a temporary tooth or root 45 EUR
Hemostatic gelatin sponge 30 EUR
Suturing 20 EUR


Service Price
Inlay indirect - pure ceramic IPS e.max 300 EUR
Aesthetic Veneer 500 EUR
Temporary Crown 90 EUR
Crown / Bridge member veneered Zirconia 420 EUR
Crown / Bridge member Metal-Ceramic 350 EUR
Crown / Bridge member veneered IPS e.max 500 EUR
Partially removable prothesis 450 EUR
Fully removable prothesis 450 EUR
Skeletonized bugle clasp prosthesis 1000 EUR
Upper Impression 30 EUR
Lower Impression 30 EUR


Service Price
Intraoral X-ray 15 EUR
OPG (Orthopantomogram) 40 EUR
CT (Computed Tomography) 100 EUR